Im getting over my hills to find grace in my heart


Watching my nephew grow up is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever encountered.
Watching his cheeky personality bubble to the surface with every passing day is something I will never grow tired of.

It makes me think of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of daily discoveries. Each sense is an enthralling miracle ready to be explored and examined.

Try and imagine the first time you saw the sun rise. Imagine the your first feeling of soft grass under your bare feet. The first time you heard the soft strum of a guitar or the first time you smelt rain falling outside.

Imagine discovering emotions for the first time. The beauty of love, the burn of anger and the solace that comes with peace.

This makes me so envious of my nephew. Elliott is 3 months old, he has so much to discover about the sheer glory of life. He has so many moments that will change him and make him grow into a man.

It makes me think how many times do we get caught up in the busyness of life to stop and really see what we have. Our newspapers are screaming death and destruction. The headlines report of sickness and devastation.
But really, how often do we allow ourselves to be swept away by God’s glorious creation? How often do you appreciate the little blessings bestowed upon you?

When was the last time you appreciated feel of grass under your toes, or the taste of fresh home cooked meal?
We need to learn to stop and enjoy. Not rush ourselves to the next appointment or destination.

Right now, my challenge is to take the time to appreciate life and the power of emotion. To cherish the moments filled with joy. I don’t want to waste my life stuck in daily routine. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to either.

So take a moment to think of the things in life that make you happy to be alive and cherish them. They will be a light for you in a world that screams darkness.

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